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The Making Of VP short “Sleeping Beauty” (2023)

This is the behind the scenes look at the making of a virtual production short film. 

Production: Refinery Media, X3D Studio 
EP: Karen Seah 
BTS Editor: Lim Yen 

In "Sleeping Beauty," a schoolgirl’s ordinary journey home after archery practice takes an unexpected turn after getting into an accident. Waking up, she finds herself magically transported to a mystical forest and encounters an ancient magical creature, armed only with her wits, bow and arrows to protect herself.

X3D Studio and Refinery Media's 'Sleeping Beauty' showcases modern digital filmmaking by employing Virtual Production, seamlessly merging physical sets with digital environments. Through advanced previsualization planning, we were able to execute complex scenes, ensuring the seamless integration of live-action and CGI through meticulous CGI modeling and In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX).

This project is part of 2023's Virtual Production Innovation Call (Short Form) - an initiative by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore.