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Starring Sean Hong, Noah Yap and Hanrey Low

Tommy reflects on his secondary school days with his two friends Ah Wei and Qiang. Bored and directionless, the three create trouble and are sent out of class. After seeing the state of shoes Ah Wei wears, Tommy initiates the idea of stealing new ones for him. They are then caught and are chased out when a domestic worker falls to her death. The three boys react differently to this which leaves a mark on Tommy as he questions the unpredictability of life.

Directed by Jason Lau
Produced by Jason Lau, Inez Ho
Co-produced by Aron B. Castro
Director of Photography Ivan Yau
Art Director Leong Shiuan Wen
Props Master Lim Yen
Editor Julious Ooi

BA(Hons) Film - Final Year Thesis Film
LASALLE College of the Arts, The Puttnam School of Film
“Somewhere Only We Know 童年故事” © MMXVI LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

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