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HBO | Food Affair w Mark Weins - Episode 6 (2022)

From haute to hawker cuisine, Food Affair with Mark Wiens is a fresh and invigorating journey of food obsession in Singapore, experienced through the eyes (and mouth) of popular food vlogger, Mark Wiens.
Hosted by beloved food travel YouTuber/Blogger Mark Wiens, the series is a lively, refreshing andeye-opening exploration of the culinary richness and diversity of Singapore.Mark will embark on a journey to discover why food is so culturally important in this tiny city state,explain how its rich ethnic heritage has influenced its cuisine and show why it’s one of the few places inthe world where there is equal reverence for a $3.50 plate off the streets or a $350 meal at a fine-diningrestaurant. Complementing the incredibly irresistible food are heartwarming stories chefs and foodexperts share with Mark, highlighting the inextricable connection between food, feelings and humanity.

Production: zhaowei films
EP: Eric Khoo
Director: Gillian Tan
Post: Infinite Frameworks
Editor: Lim Yen (Episode 6)

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Episode 6
Fire can create, but also, destroy. Mark learns about the magic of cooking over fire from three masters of the culinary art.

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