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Guide Us by Leslie Low music video (2022)

“Guide Us” is a dance-film / music video directed by Ler Jiyuan, choreographed and performed by veteran dancer and theatre practitioner Lim Chin Huat, and inspired and based on singer-songwriter Leslie Low’s original song of the same name.

A jaded Janitor (Lim Chin Huat) goes about his daily work at an old arts institution that’s about to be torn down. He pushes his cleaning cart into a ragged dance studio and starts mopping the floor. He is listening to his radio when suddenly, a song with a driving drumbeat interrupts the transmission. The studio turns into a surreal space - a realm between the spirit and the real world. The song ("Guide Us" by Leslie Low) possesses the Janitor and the mop he is using comes alive and leads him on an existential dance.

Artist: Leslie Low
Song: Guide Us
Album: Beyond the Mountain


Starring: Lim Chin Huat
Dance Choreography: Lim Chin Huat
Producer: Li Huanwen
DOP: Wan Man Lighting
Director: King Li
Editor: Lim Yen
Directed by: Ler Jiyuan