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BLOCK 427 (2016)

Starring Hanrey Low

Kenneth, a down on luck blogger has to endure his father’s constant nagging for his inability to find a job and be successful. But things change when Kenneth discovers the mysteriously murdered body of one of his neighbours Mr Tan. He takes it upon himself to solve the mystery behind the murder so he can write about it in his blog to gain fame and recognition. But Kenneth could never be prepared for the strange truth he finds hidden in the lives of people he know living in Block 427.

Written by Luis A. Tejero
Directed by Julious Ooi
Produced by Vigneswari Nagaraj
Director of Photography Timothy Seow Theron
Production Designer Ericson Reginald Moe Myint
Editor Lim Yen

BA(Hons) Film - Final Year Thesis Film
LASALLE College of the Arts, The Puttnam School of Film
“Block 427” © MMXVI LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

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