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AVE MARIA (2016)

Starring Jake Macapagal, Dalin Sarmiento and Ivan Sayson

Emilio, a Filipino school teacher arrives in the industrial city of Singapore with one objective: to bring his domestic worker wife, Maria home. A typhoon has devastated his secluded village and despite numerous attempts at trying to contact Maria, Emilio has no choice but to meet her in person to tell her of the tragedy. Upon arrival however, Maria is nowhere to be found.

Written by Kenneth Lee
Directed by Aron B. Castro
Produced by Inez Ho
Director of Photography Eugene Lee
Production Design Lim Yen
Editor Peter Lim

BA(Hons) Film - Final Year Thesis Film
LASALLE College of the Arts, The Puttnam School of Film
“Ave Maria” © MMXVI LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Teaser trailer:

Ave Maria - Trailer from Aron B. Castro on Vimeo.