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ANU 阿努 (2015)

Starring Anurati Agarwal, Aiswarya Nair and Ryan Lee

Anu, an Indian seven-year-old, refuses to learn Mandarin despite her mother’s best intentions. After an incident which leads to her mother’s disappointment, she decides to give this new language a try, and when faced with herself, she learns something new and too, regains her mother’s trust.

Directed by Lim Yen
Written by Rajeswari Vikiraman
Produced by Luis Tejero
Director of Photography Luqman Mohamad
Production Designer Jasmine Lee
Editor Rajeswari Vikiraman

LASALLE College of the Arts, The Puttnam School of Film
"Anu 阿努" © MMXV LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore